Nuss Buenos Aires Soho
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Buenos Aires, November 27, 2014
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Nuss Buenos Aires Soho in Buenos Aires

Nuss Buenos Aires Soho Buenos Aires
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  • Hotel Code: PAH 0259
  • El Salvador 4916
  • Neighborhood: Palermo, Buenos Aires

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Nuss Buenos Aires Soho is located in the chic neighborhood of Palermo, in the city of Buenos Aires, and it is surrounded by the trendiest restaurants and shops in Argentina. Meters away from the main tourist spots, Nuss Buenos Aires Soho has established its 22 elegant suites, decorated with style and delicacy, in an old Spanish style convent. This exclusive boutique hotel has a Deli Lobby Lounge where guests can taste exquisite wines and dishes, a beautiful central patio, a terrace with a swimming-pool and a solarium, and a spa with a gym, a sauna and massage services. Definitely, Nuss Buenos Aires Soho blends design and comfort with everything travelers look for in their trip.
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