How to activate your cell phone in Buenos Aires

Foreigners traveling to Buenos Aires can feel absolutely safe about using their cell phones. Not too long ago this could be a problem as the technology in Argentina was still too old. This information can be checked in travel blogs with posts about up to 2011.

Chips - Movistar, Personal and Claro
Use your cell phone in Argentina

Here we are going to give you some tips about it in order to help you with this matter:

1. No doubt the easiest way is just requesting the roaming before you leave your original country and start using it once you arrive in Argentina, by turning your cell phone off and on upon arrival, to make and receive calls and use internet as well, including whatsapp. Pros: you can keep using your cell number. Cons: high costs for roaming that you will have to pay when back to your country.

2. Requesting the roaming but using it just for calls. Internet data can be used through wifi, available almost everywhere - hotels, bars, restaurants, squares, airports. Pros: lower costs when paying roaming as you turn it in and on when there is a need for. Cons: be depending on finding available wifi - this includes restriction to use whatsapp.

3. Buying a local phone company 3G chip. There are three options of Cell Phone Companies in Argentina: Movistar, Personal and Claro. The biggest and with better cover area is Movistar, what doesn't mean the others are not good yet you can find not easy to use your cell phone around the country. Pros: lowest costs as includes internet, phone calls and SMS. Cons: you can't use your original cell phone number as the chip has an Argentine number.

Buying a Chip

To buy a chip is a very simple process: you can find it in any "kiosco" (those corners stores that cell sodas, chocolates, cigarettes, etc.) or at the phone companies themselves. Once you buy it you must charge it with some amount of pesos to be able to start using it. This can be done through a specific card or requesting to add the funds directly to your account at the same place where you bought the chip.

Be attempt to this info: the 3G chips have expiration date and you must be aware that the internet may stop working all of a sudden without previous advice.

These little advices will help you to be stress free and enjoy your trip!