Buenos Aires City Tour

Visiting Buenos Aires will give you a range of possibilities that not always you can deal with and decide what to do and when. Many options like gourmet restaurants, tango shows, shopping malls, and touristic places can drive you crazy if you just have few days in the city.

The best option is to start everything with a day tour, which offers you an interesting view about all the most important touristic points and then, after knowing everything, help you to decide which ones you will visit later. The Buenos Aires Touristic Bus is the funniest option as you can sit on the top of the bus while listening to the simultaneous translation onto your language.

Buenos Aires City Tour
Buenos Aires Bus

The points you are going to see are:

Calle Florida:

Walkway street downtown well known for its malls and for the famous Galerías Pacífico.

Avenida de Mayo:

Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral, financial streets are all around this Avenue.

San Telmo:

Old part of the city, here you can find San Telmo Market, Defensa Street, San Telmo Fair, many traditional restaurant and tango shows.

La Bombonera:

For those ones who love soccer, this is a must; the "house" of Boca Juniors Club.

Calle Caminito:

In front of Boca Port, this street is famous for its cabarets and hotels which used to receive all the foreigners coming from Italy and Spain to try their living in Buenos Aires; nowadays tango shows at street are in every corner.

Puerto Madero:

The most expensive area per square meter in Buenos Aires, it is a different Buenos Aires, with many north American, Canadian and European living there, besides the unique architecture.

Floralis Genérica:

The famous metallic flower where the petals open and close according to the daylight.

Museo Malba:

Belonging to the Constantini Foundation, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires is something to keep in mind if you are an art lover.


Planetario, Jardín Japonés, Rosedal, Zoo de Buenos Aires, Jardín Botánico.

Barrio Chino:

The little Porteña Chinatown where you can find restaurants and markets to buy everything you can imagine, including food from abroad.

La Recoleta:

Classis and important neighborhood, in Recoleta there are historical and touristic places such as Cementerio de la Recoleta, Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church, Hard Rock Café Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cultural Center, Café la Biela, besides excellent hotels boutique and gourmet restaurants.

Teatro Colón y Obelisco:

Part of the history of Buenos Aires.