Tigre, Buenos Aires

The city of Tigre had an exponential growth in the last ten years. Tigre is located in the northern zone of Buenos Aires, and you can reach there in only one hour from the Capital Federal, depending on the traffic. Tigre is one of the places people choose to visit on weekends. Not only Argentinians choose it, but also foreigners who are visiting Buenos Aires.

Parque de la Costa
Delta of Tigre

Main attractions

Among its main attractions we have the Puerto de Frutos (fruits' port), where we can find many handmade products, antiques and ornaments for houses and stores. There you can also choose among many gastronomic offers where you can taste regional products. You cannot miss the tour of the Tigre's Delta, where you will find over 200 km2 of isles. There you can practice different water sports or just sit and contemplate nature. You can also have a ride on big or individual boats that you will find at the river station.

If you want more fun or an adrenaline rush, you can always visit the huge Casino Trilenium of Tigre. This casino is open from Monday to Wednesday from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., and from Thursday to Sunday all day long. The best option for the children is Parque de la Costa, where you will find many games and outdoors attractions.


If you are going to Tigre by car or motorcycle, the best way to get there is taking the Panamericana routeuntilAcceso Norte (North access), and then the branch to Tigreof Autopista del Sol.
You can also go by train from Retiro, taking the Mitre line to Tigre, and you will arrive in 50 minutes, approximately.Another option is taking the Tren de la Costa (Coast Train) from Retiro up tothe Mitre station of the Mitre line. From there, you can go across the bridge of the Maipú station and take the Tren de la Costa to Tigre´s Delta. This train is more beautiful and modern than the first one, and you will see marvelous landscapes.If you decide to go by bus, you can take the 60 one, but you will have to confirm the right path because this line has several itineraries.

Apart from the transportation means and the destination you choose, you shouldn´t miss the opportunity of visiting Tigre, a unique place in Buenos Aires where you will want to come back.