Buenos Aires Gaucho Party

Surrounding Buenos Aires there are many interesting attractions. The "Estancias" and the "Fiestas Gauchas" are some of them. The best way to know about the "gauchos" is going to their places, right?

The "gaucho" is the representative of the Pampa Argentina. He is well-known because of his physical characteristics, his pride, his melancholy and quietness. The "Pampa" also brought us his poets, the same ones who have written about their lifestyle, like in this fragment of "Campo Nuestro", by Oliverio Girondo.

"Cuando me acerco, pampa,
a tu recuerdo,
te me vas, despacio, para adentro.
Al trote corto, campo, al trotecito.
Aunque me ignores, campo,
soy tu amigo."

The Estancias are, nowadays, the historical reflection of the rich Argentinean country from the past. Some of them became touristic destinies, after the 2001 crisis and the subsequent touristic boom, with hotels, spas, and activities as horse ride, barbecues, typical dances, "gauchos" shows.

From the many existent options we are trying to pick up some examples yet there are many others available. General speaking they all offer the same activities for a whole day experience such as: welcome snacks; walking tour; horse ride or the activity the place offers; lunch (typical "asado"); shows; afternoon tea. In addition sometimes there are swimming pools, spas, sports.

In some Estancias there is a good hotel available. The food is always excellent as the production is local as the ingredients as well. The home made food is tasty and special.

The staff working at the Estancias come from the families that used to work since many year ago, jobs passed from father to son. From them all the histories about the place become moments to be shared in front of the fireplace at Saturday night.

Gaucho Party at Buenos Aires
Gaucho Party horse riding Buenos Aires


In its fourth generation, Don Silvano has 380 hectares and it is located in Capilla del Señor, 86km from the Capital, Buenos Aires. The offer the whole day experience and also hotel.


Located in Los Cardales, 78km from Buenos Aires, at the North Zone, Santa Susana is a good option to spend the day as they don´t offer hotel facility.


There is a small town located 113km from Buenos Aires Capital, also in the North Zone, beautiful and full of history, called San Antonio de Areco. At this emblematic place Ricardo Guiraldes, writer and poetry, was born and lived his life, and has written about his main character, Don Segundo Sombra, the typical "gaucho". El Ombú de Areco is the main Estancia at Areco and it is the local history itself, as members of its staff are related to Guiraldes. They offer day experience and hotel as well.


Also in San Antonio de Areco, La Bamba offers a luxury gaucho experience, as a whole day or hotel with VIP suites.


Going to the opposite side of Buenos Aires, East Zone, there is another small city named Lobos, 102km from Buenos Aires. La Candelaria is our option at this place, offering day experience and hotel. And, we are sure to say it, the best hotel in the list besides three different restaurants, cabins suites and lodge.


A little bit further away we find a small town, Coronel Vidal, 340km from Buenos Aires Capital. La Cautiva is, so far, the most luxury and special Estancia, with exclusive suites, VIP attention, spa, day experience, everything first class. Unique to stay few days if it is possible and enjoy the "campo lifestyle".