Shared Rooms in Buenos Aires

Many years ago, the habit of sharing a room, an apartment or staying in a family home became more and more common. Nowadays, this is a normal practice not only in Buenos Aires, but also in many cities of the United States and Europe.
The owner of a property may have different reasons to choose this method. On the one hand, the owner may have a spare room for rent; he can earn extra money and experience the cohabitation with an unknown person. However, the owner can select the tenant according to certain profile and after an interview. This may be the case for family homes. On the other hand, the owner may not live there and he will be able to rent every room out to different tenants.

From the tenant point of view, the situation is really beneficial because it will be cheaper to pay for a rent among many persons. They can share common expenses and the guarantee requisites are flexible. The tenant can share a room, an apartment or live in a family home. If you share a room with another person, you can experiment cohabiting with people from another culture and discover together the new city. You will probably be in the same page in life and will have lots of fun in this experience.

Shared Rooms in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Rooms

Sharing an apartment

You may have a group of friends that come to Buenos Aires on vacations, to study or looking for a job, or simply two or more unknown persons may share an apartment to live in.

We have to take into account certain features of the apartment: the location, the space, the services in the building, the comfort level, the requisites for rental and the price, but we also have to pay special attention to the style of roommate we want to have. If we are going to rent a furnished apartment, the maximum period is for six months, but you can renew the contract for six more. The traditional rental contract, without furniture, is for two years.

It is very important to know the maximum limit of tenants the owner allows in the apartment because we suggest you to write down every name in the contract. This way you will share the responsibility and you will be protected against any claim from the owner.

Choosing a roommate

Cohabiting with other people is not a simple task, and that is why it is very important to think what requisites we need in order to share an apartment or a room. Here you have some items you should consider:

A) Age range.
B) Sex of the roommate.
C) Smoker roommate.
D) Occupation of the roommate (Work, study, unemployed)
E) Work and study schedules.
F) Nationality or language of communication.
G) Marital status.
H) Etcetera.

Suggestions and tips

1) We suggest you to live in a hostel or a temporary place the first days you are in Buenos Aires before choosing a definitive home. This way, you will be able to select the best location and neighborhood depending on the activities you are going to have in our city.

2) Make sure you sign a contract when you pay for the rental of the room or apartment you have chosen, even though you are going to stay a few days or weeks.

3) If you find an incredibly low price for certain place, be careful: that could be a fake advertising or the place may be in terribly poor conditions.

4) We recommend you to see photos and videos of the place, locate it in a map or in google street view. You can visit different places in the same location in order to optimize your time.

5) You should be prepared to book the place when you go to visit it and in case you like it. Nice places are highly demanded and you can lose the opportunity of renting it if you are not ready at that moment.

6) Confirm every expense included in the price you pay, what extra expenses you will have to afford and the estimated amount.