Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4 Rent Apartments?
We are an agency dedicated to the rental of furnished fully equipped apartments. Not only do we help you find the perfect apartment, but we also assist you in anything you might need during your stay.
What is the minimum stay?
Most of our apartments do not require a minimun stay, Day/Week/Month/Year, you are welcome.
How do I make a reservation?
You have to get into the Booking section under the apartment you chose and fill out the form. You can also access the Booking section directly from the homepage and fill out the form, chosing the apartment you like.
How much do I have to pay to make the reservation?
You have to pay 20% of the total amount of your stay.
How and when do I pay the remaining balance?
Once you check in and sign the location contract.
Do the prices includes taxes?
Usually, the published rates include all the expenses of the apartment: electricity, gas, building fees, taxes, water and –when specified- cable TV and maid service once a week. In all the cases, the expenses included are published in the sheet of each apartment. Please, verify the expenses included in the published rate of the selected apartment.
Am I required to pay a security deposit for the apartment?
You have to pay as a guarantee:

a) If the stay is the same or less than 2 weeks: The equivalent for 1 week of rent.
b) If the stay is between 2 weeks and a month: The equivalent for 2 weeks of rent.
c) If the stay is a month: The equivalent for 2 weeks of rent.
d) If the stay is longer than a month: The equivalent for a month of rent.
How and when do I get the keys to the apartment?
On day and time stated with you via e-mail, a representative of For Rent Argentina will receive you at the apartment to give you the keys and sign the contract. It is normal to have also the landlord receiving you that day to introduce himself.
Who will come to say goodbye on my departure day?
On day and time stated, the landlord of the apartment will come to your place to say goodbye, receive back the keys and give you back the deposit. In the case of landlords that do not live in town, a representative of For Rent Argentina will meet you on day and time stated to say goodbye, receive back the keys and give you back the deposit.
How often are the apartments cleaned?
When the maid service is included you should expect to receive a cleaning service at home. The cleaning service is provided by the landlord of the apartment you booked. Usually, maid service is included once a week. In those cases cleaning products are also provided by the landlord. The maid service usually does not include the change of linens and towels except when specified otherwise. If you wish to have the maid service with more frequency, please, request for this additional service on your reservation request and we will contact the landlord to ask for it. Sometimes, when maid service is not included, landlord offers the option to have it upon request.
Are bed linens and towels provided in the apartment?
All of our apartments count with towels and sheets.
What happens if I break something?
You would have to pay for what you broke.
What if I need help or information during my stay?
You can call us to our office or to a 24/7 available cellphone and we will assist you.
Do the apartments have telephone?
Most of the apartments included on the web site have one of the telephone systems described below:
a) Pre-paid line: a telephone line that works with credits that you should add to the telephone line. In those cases you will be able to purchase the pre-paid calling cards in order to add credits into your telephone line. Those pre-paid calling cards are sold at the “Locutorios”.
b) Control line: a telephone line that works with some monthly credits already included in your rent. In those cases, you will probably have some credits to make local phone calls upon arrival. Once those credits are gone, you will need to purchase a calling card at a “Locutorio” and add those extra credits into your telephone line.

A few apartments have open local calls phone lines. In those cases the calls made from the apartment are checked on your departure day and billed at the moment of your departure.

Do I have to pay any administrative fees?
We do not charge any commission, you just have to pay USD 45.- of administrative fees.