We focus mainly on the sale of properties within the temporary rental market. Ideal for those owners who are currently in the business and want to invest in more apartments and owners who, for some reason, want to sell their apartment, or even for new investors.

We have experience in the temporary rental sector, since we have over 1500 listed apartments for temporary rent on our website.
Besides, we have several investment groups looking permanently for fully equipped apartments for temporary rent and new ventures.
We offer apartments for sale in the best areas of Buenos Aires, both furnished and unfurnished.
Please, contact us for new projects, opportunities or simply to assess your apartment.

One of the main aspects the buyer should consider before investing is location. Here we provide a short review on the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires: Abasto: [Read more]
To avoid wastes of time, it is important that the buyer know exactly for what purpose he will acquire the property, since the questions he will have to bear in mind are different [Read more]
Real Estate Buying Process
Real estate transactions in Argentina are made in cash and in dollars. So, potential foreign buyers should consider this fact, since they will need cash to complete the transaction [Read more]
After finding the property, the buyer should ask the seller to show him the following documents regarding the property: * A photocopy of the Property Title. * Proof of Pay [Read more]
Once the buyer verifies all the documents regarding the property he wants to buy do not present any problem, he must make an offer and pay a reservation sum to the real estate ag [Read more]
If the parties reach an agreement, they may sign a purchase agreement, in which the property transfer date and the intervening escribano are indicated -see 3.2.4 Escrib [Read more]
Signing a purchase agreement is not an obligatory legal requirement to make the property purchase effective. In fact, the parties can directly sign the escritura (title [Read more]
An escribano is a public officer vested by the State with public faith, thus every act notarized by an escribano is authentic. Even though his functions are simi [Read more]
If the new owner bought the property to rent it, he should make sure that the property is in good conditions to offer it in the market. Following these pieces of advice is very i [Read more]
This type of rental guarantees a fixed income for two or three years and the property owner can enjoy the peace of mind of renting the property to the same tenants for a long per [Read more]
Even though the initial investment in properties for temporary rentals is higher, monthly income is far superior. However, temporary rentals require an active participation of th [Read more]
A list of the taxes on real estate according to laws in force Buenos Aires is provided below: * Property Tax: In Argentina, owners pay taxes on any property, inclu [Read more]
When the owner wants to sell his property, he must first decide on the price at which it would sell. So, he should call different real-estate agencies to conduct an appraisal of [Read more]

* The following information concerns the requirements and legal process to buy and sell real estate in Buenos Aires. You may find some differences in the real estate buying or selling process used in other Argentine cities.