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FIBA 2011: The Greatest Scenic Art Festival in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is getting ready to present, as every two years, a new edition of FIBA: The spectacular festival that combines a wide variety of artistic and esthetic disciplines, in an attempt to show the new theater, dance, visual art and sound art trends.

Since it was born in 1997, FIBA became a total success completely sold out, thus confirming that the City of Buenos Aires is one of the main capitals of show business.

This year, from September 24th to October 8th, FIBA will amaze its audience again, not only with national and international shows, but also with informal conferences, workshops and masterclasses.

Tickets and season tickets can be purchased from September 1st on FIBA or at the following points of sale:

Casa de la Cultura – Av. de Mayo 575 – Monday through Friday, from 11am to 7pm.

Teatro San Martín – Av. Corrientes 1530 – Everyday, from 11am to 7pm.

Each season ticket includes access to four international shows and a local premiere. Take a look at the different FIBA season tickets:

1: Une flûte enchantée + Eraritjaritjaka + Gnawa / Prélude à l’aprés-midi d’un faune / Sechs Tänze + Yo no soy bonita + Actividad mental

2: Une flûte enchantée + Eraritjaritjaka + Chaika + Ich schau dir in die Augen, gesellschaftlicher Verblendungszusammenhang! + La patria fría

3: Une flûte enchantée + Hamlet + La amante fascista + Alexis. Una tragedia greca + Pueden dejar lo que quieran

4: Une flûte enchantée + Estrella Morente en concierto + La amante fascista + Yo no soy bonita + Pudor en animales de invierno

5: Une flûte enchantée + Eraritjaritjaka + Médeée + Alexis. Una tragedia greca + Leonardo. Trabajo Práctico N° 1

6: Hamlet + Eraritjaritjaka + Estrella Morente en concierto + Médeée + Esa no fue la intención. Parte 2

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