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Buenos Aires Zoo: An Unforgettable Tour

Summer holidays are about to start in Buenos Aires, and parents wonder what to do with their children. Our proposal: a visit to Buenos Aires Zoo, a place where children interact directly with nature and whose purposes include conserving species, producing research and educating the public.

Located in Palermo neighborhood, Buenos Aires Zoo exhibits, from 1888, a wide variety of animals: 89 species of mammals, 49 species of reptiles and 175 species of birds, with a total of over 2500 different animals. Some of them are in cages; however, others live on the zoo’s many ponds or roam free around the park.

Buenos Aires Zoo has several different areas:

-The grassy areas and the ponds, which are full of native birds and rodents, such as nutrias, rabbits and peacocks.

-The farm, where visitors can pet and feed ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, roosters, chickens, pigs, cows and horses.

-The aquarium, where visitors will find penguins as well as a wide range of fish, including piranha.

-The reptile house, home to the sever