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Food and Bohemia in San Telmo

This old Buenos Aires neighborhood has resisted becoming modern, since its buildings preserve the look of yesterday. Several artists and craftsmen have their homes and studios in San Telmo, the perfect place to live tango afternoons and nights, chat over a cup of coffee and get together with friends in any of the many milongas (tango joints). San Telmo and its surroundings breathe bohemian life and offer different shows and great variety of art exhibitions. Lately, restaurants and bars in San Telmo have become a classic choice for lovers of food and drink. Here you have a the 5 most important restaurants in San Telmo, which are as eclectic and varied as the origins of the neighborhood:


Located on a first floor with a view over the traditional Plaza Dorrego, Amici Miei restaurant offers an original menu for lovers of Italian food and Mediterranean flavors. From a house built in 1900 in San Telmo neighborhood, the decoration of Amici Miei restaurant aims at taking its guests to a Mediterranean island by means of the exquisite aromas coming from the kitchen. Chef Sebastián Rivas Proia cooks all the dishes following strictly the Italian recipe and using products imported from Italy, in order to get the authentic Italian flavor.


Sagardi restaurant opened in San Telmo to offer the best dishes of the Basque cuisine. Having venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Buenos Aires, Sagardi serves typical Basque pintxos, apart from exquisite dishes in which grilled meat and fresh fish play the main role. The menú is varied, making guests’ choice difficult due to the wide number of delicious Basque dishes. Undoubtedly, Sagardi is offers the best Basque cuisine in San Telmo.


Located in San Telmo, Burmana is an excellent Armenian restaurant that offers a wide range of traditional dishes in a cozy environment typical from the Middle East. In order to help guests to live a true Oriental experience, one of the three rooms in Burmana is decorated with short tables and pillows. Dinners in Burmana may end with an exquisite coffee –whose dregs can be read by an expert, – with the tasting of a traditional narguile, or with a great variety of Arab sweets, made with dried fuits and syrup.


Traditional grill-room located in front of Parque Lezama, National Historical Museum and near to Feria in San Telmo. Parrilla 1880 owns its name to the year in which the house where it is located was built. Decorated with antique items, such as gramophone records, a beautiful old radio and filetes (Buenos Aires styled iconography art) by Martiniano Arce, Parrilla 1880 offers the best Argentine meat and exquisite homemade pasta, apart from typical dishes, such as puchero. In order to make guests live a wonderful experience, dishes in Parrilla 1880 are served to the rhythm of the greatest tangos!


Manolo is a typical restaurant of Buenos Aires that offers delicious homemade dishes at economical prices. Located in San Telmo neighborhood, Manolo is decorated with tango and football items, such as photos, shirts and buntings. Manolo is perfect to have dinner with your friends and your family, since dishes are large enough to share. Manolo’s cuisine is simple, but its homemade touch magically turns a piece of meat into an exquisite dish.

Do not miss the opportunity of taking a tour around San Telmo and contemplating its cobble-paved streets, colonial houses, mysterious patios and ironwork balconies from the past.